Systematically integrating consistent execution and continuous improvement into the operational rhythm, cadence, workflow, and DNA of the sales organization.

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A NEW innovative approach

It’s no secret that most corporate training “rollouts” don’t stick and fail to move the needle—which is why we decided to try something new, something different, something that’s never been done before.

After more than a decade of original research (and a lot of trial-and-error), we have finally managed to crack the code on how to systematize sales excellence and make it stick.

Introducing our new WCC System Program™ which was scientifically engineered to systemically ensure that frontline sales teams are consistently executing at a high-level—and continuously learning, growing, and improving.

Our new systems-oriented approach, flipped training model, and innovative reinforcement strategy is built around three strategic pillars:

1. Systematize the desired frontline behavioral change

2. Integrate it into the operational rhythm, cadence, workflow, and DNA of the organization

3. Create Rings of Reinforcement to make it stick

“We hired Brian to provide a framework for all our first line managers early at ServiceNow. As a leader, I needed to get the max from every person on the team. His training reinforced my vision and gave our people the tools they needed to execute. Brian helped build a company now worth $100 Billion! His training helped bring our managers and our employees to a higher level!”
– David Schneider, President Emeritus, ServiceNow

Our Engagement Process

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Enroll in our new World-Class Coach Academy™

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Step 4

Implement the Complete WCC System™

“The WCC System is an approach and methodology to coaching that is simple, effective, and comprehensive. It is an approach people feel they can easily adopt that moves the needle. For years we have asked managers to coach their employees, the WCC shows they how to coach.”
– Jason Huckabee, Head of Organizational Effectiveness & Development, SAS Institute

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Learn How to Systematically Ensure Your Frontline Sales Team is Consistently Executing at a High-Level—and Continuously Improving (Without Any Resistance or Any Extra Time)

Your Host: Brian Souza

CEO, Founder of ProductivityDrivers and author of The New York Times Bestseller, The Weekly Coaching Conversation